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MeyGen – Castle of Mey 10K Run (11 May 2014)

Published 20th of March 2014

MeyGen are delighted to be the main sponsors of The Castle of Mey 10K run, Mey Mile Fun Run and Mey Meander Charity Walk scheduled to take place on Sunday 11th May 2014.  This event, organised by North Highland Harriers, hosts the most northerly 10K on the British mainland, and is run in the grounds of the historic 14th Century Castle of Mey, home of the late Queen Mother.  The official charity for the 2014 event is Thurso and District Fundraising Group for Marie Curie Cancer Care.  For details on how to enter the race and for further information on all the events and the official charity, please click here:


MeyGen – Caithness International Science Fair (18-22 March 2014)

Published 18th of March 2014

The annual Caithness International Science Festival provides an opportunity for Science O3 to inspire local primary and secondary pupils, families and the general public to engage in science, technology, maths and engineering.  MeyGen are one of the many companies associated with the event, sponsoring the interactive workshop for the Schools Programme “Power from the People”.  The Fair is running from 18th March, culminating in a Family Day on Saturday 22nd March at Wick Assembly Rooms from 12pm til 4.30pm.  For further information, please click here: http://www.science03.org/thefestival2014.html   

MeyGen – Canisbay Primary School

Published 5th of March 2014

As part of a class science project on Renewable Energy, Guy Newson gave a short talk to the students at Canisbay Primary School on 5th March about the MeyGen Project.  Using some film footage, Guy explained the main features of the project and how much energy it can produce.  The students asked some very good questions and later, following a short test by the teacher, showed how much information they had retained.   We hope to be able to provide an opportunity for the students to visit the site during construction (to perhaps see some of the fabrication) and then to visit the site again once operational.

MeyGen Limited Owner, Atlantis, lists on AIM

Published 20th of February 2014

Following a successful Initial Public Offering, Atlantis Resources Limited, (100% shareholder in MeyGen Limited) commenced trading on the Alternative Investment Market (“AIM”) exchange in London on 20th February 2014.  After successful road-shows in continental Europe and the United Kingdom, the Company raised approximately £12 million of capital.

Atlantis was also able to secure €7.7 million in grant funding from the European Commission’s Framework Programmes for Research (“FP7”) scheme. 

For further information, please click here: http://www.atlantisresourcesltd.com/medianews/news.html


Atlantis Resources Ltd acquires 100% of the shares of MeyGen Limited

Published 7th of November 2013

On the evening of Thursday 31st October, Atlantis Resources Ltd. (“Atlantis”) successfully acquired 100% of the shares of MeyGen Limited (“MeyGen”) from GDF SUEZ and Morgan Stanley.  Having recently secured offshore planning consents, key elements of the project have now been significantly de-risked, and as a result Atlantis sees this as an ideal time to increase its investment in the MeyGen project.   

It is the intention of Atlantis to operate MeyGen as a standalone business maintaining its plan and its team’s sole focus on the delivery of Phase 1a (up to 6 tidal turbines) in 2015/16.  Given both the strategic and economic importance of the project to the marine energy sector, Atlantis and MeyGen continue to work closely with the Scottish Government, DECC, Crown Estate, key stakeholders, and other contractors alike to deliver Europe’s largest and most important tidal energy project.

Enquiries concerning the project and its development progress should be directed either via the website or telephone 0207 193 5258.

Enquiries for Atlantis Resources Ltd. should be directed to Mr Oliver Williams by email: oliver.williams@fd.com or tel: +44 (0) 20 7269 7294.

Enquiries for GDF SUEZ should be directed to Ms. Sally McPartlin by email:sally.mcpartlin@gdfsuez.com or tel: +44 (0) 207 020 7320 8600

Enquiries for Morgan Stanley should be directed to Mr Hugh Fraser by email:Hugh.Fraser@morganstanley.com or tel: +44 (0) 2074253923

MeyGen secures consent for 86MW tidal energy project

Published 16th of September 2013

MeyGen Ltd. has been awarded consent by the Scottish Government for an 86MW tidal energy project, following the completion of the statutory approval process with the regulator Marine Scotland.

The project is located in the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth off the north coast of Caithness, home to one of Europe’s greatest tidal resources. It is the largest tidal stream energy project to be awarded consent in Europe and constitutes the first phase of a site that could eventually yield up to 398MW.

MeyGen plans to build an initial demonstration array of up to 6 turbines, with construction starting in early 2014 and turbines commissioned in 2015. This initial array will provide valuable environmental data for the subsequent phases and the wider tidal energy industry.

Ed Rollings, Environment & Consents Manager of MeyGen, commented: “The award of this consent is the culmination of over 4 years of environmental work and extensive consultation with stakeholders and the local community in Caithness.

“The Pentland Firth and Orkney Waters region is an internationally important area for wildlife and we are committed to continuing research with interested parties to ensure that the exploitation of this clean, predictable and sustainable energy resource is done so in a manner that does not have a detrimental effect on the species and habitats in the area.”

Dan Pearson, CEO of MeyGen, added: “the MeyGen team and its shareholders are thrilled to have reached this defining milestone. While there is still much work to be done, the prospects for delivering the first tidal energy array in the Pentland Firth, thereby establishing a stepping stone to commercialising tidal energy, are promising”.

ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest re-deploy at EMEC

Published 29th of August 2013

In the early hours of the 28th August ANDRITZ HYDRO Hammerfest successfully re-deployed and re-connected their HS 1000 turbine onto their foundation at EMEC. The turbine had been out of the water for several months for inspection and refurbishment after nearly 12 months of operation. This is a significant step for the project as MeyGen intends to use this technology in its Demonstration Array and we are hopeful that the turbine will be able generate continuously in order to build up even greater confidence in its reliability.
During the re-connection a new drymate procedure was trialled with excellent results and this process will be taken forward into their later projects. This new drymate design seems to significantly reduce the offshore installation period by means of “Plug & Play” thru connection between the subsea cable and the turbine umbilical electrical lead.

MeyGen acquires valuable wave and tidal data by means of marine radar measurements

Published 3rd of August 2013


During spring 2013 MeyGen has worked with the Natural Oceanographic Centre (NOC) to perform marine radar measurements in the Inner Sound. The radar, deployed at the Ness of Huna, acquired data continuously for up to three months and provided valuable data on the waves and tidal currents in the Inner Sound.Example currents 24-04-2013 1240

The image shows an example of instantaneous flow vectors derived from the remote sensing of wave parameters by the marine radar, analysed using the NOC’s state of-the-art radar processing toolbox. The data shall be used to validate numerical models and reduce uncertainty in the environmental conditions for the upcoming installation of all offshore elements of phase1a of the MeyGen project.

The measurements have proven that marine radars are a viable land based solution for characterizing the environmental conditions at tidal energy sites, such as the Inner Sound.

The radar has been decommissioned and the post processing of the data is near completion. With the success of this project, MeyGen would like to thank local landowners/stakeholders for their corporation and the NOC for managing and carrying out the project and their continuing support.

Art in Engineering – Caithness Horizons

Published 8th of July 2013

The schools exhibition that emerged from the very successful “Beatrice Works” education project is now on display at Caithness Horizons in Thurso. MeyGen were one of the many companies associated with this activity which saw a great number of excellent pieces of art created and we would urge anyone wishing to view them to drop into the Gallery Café from now to the 31st July. The flyer for this and the Beatrice Works family day at Caithness Horizons can be viewed by clicking on the link below.

Beatrice Works Family Day Poster

UK Government Renew Commitment to Tidal Stream Energy

Published 27th of June 2013

Today the Department of Energy and Climate Change published its draft Strike Prices under the proposed Feed-in Tariff with Contract for Difference (CfD) support mechanism for renewable electricity, available from 2014 through to 2018/19, along with various other announcements as part of the ongoing process of Electricity Market Reform.

Among those is a commitment to consult on a possible uplift on the CfD for generators on Scottish islands.

Alongside this, they have published policy decisions on key CfD contract terms.

DECC has stated that the aim of these announcements is to give industry and investors early sight of the principal contract parameters, including terms and draft strike prices – with the detailed drafting of the contract to follow in the summer. They intend to publish further detail (including supporting methodology, draft Capacity Market reliability standard, and forward look to 2030) in the draft Delivery Plan for EMR in July.

Tidal energy support remains high with the UK government awarding it a support level similar to that currently enjoyed under the Renewable Obligation scheme (5 x Rocs due to run out in 2017).

A summary of the announcement from DECC is available at: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-energy-infrastructure-investment-to-fuel-recovery

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    Mar 20

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    The annual Caithness International Science Festival provides an opportunity for Science O3 to inspire local primary and secondary pupils, families and the general public to engage in science, technology, maths and engineering.  MeyGen are one of the many companies associated … Continue reading

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