Current Status

MeyGen Limited, through its technology shareholder ARC, has been actively working on the Inner Sound project since 2007. Work to date has included the following:

  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Initial review of flow in the whole Pentland Firth region
  • Selection of Inner Sound site as optimum location
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Grid review
  • Initial ADCP deployment for flow analysis in the Inner Sound
  • Lobbying The Crown Estate for seabed lease award process
  • Initial financial modelling of project economics
  • Application to The Crown Estate for a 398MW seabed lease
  • Concept design of the Inner Sound project
  • Refined project financial modelling
  • Further ADCP flow data collection and flow analysis leading to initial turbine array layout and optimisation
  • Start of environmental baseline data collection including monthly bird and mammal surveys
  • Deployment of 1MW AK1000™ prototype at EMEC
  • Award of 398MW Inner Sound site option to lease from The Crown Estate
  • MeyGen Limited shareholder negotiations, including 15MW grid connection at Gills Bay and official formation of MeyGen Limited (October 2010)
  • Ongoing stakeholder engagement and site base-line data collection
  • Front end engineering design (FEED) for Phase 1 (86MW), including optimisation of turbine site layout for Phase 2.
  • Environmental baseline surveys and Environmental Impact Assessment completed for Phase 1.
  • 253MW of grid capacity secured.
  • Phase 1 consent applications submitted to Marine Scotland Licencing Operations Team and The Highland Council (July 2012), supported by the Environmental Impact Assessment.
  • Procurement strategy defined.
  • Start of upgrade of Hastigrow-Gills Bay transmission lines to provide 15MW grid connection point in a new substation at Gills Bay (scheduled for July 2014 commissioning)