About Phase 1A

MeyGen Phase 1a is the first build-out phase of the MeyGen Tidal Energy Project in the Inner Sound of the Pentland Firth; the world’s first multi-turbine tidal stream energy project. Phase 1a has a capacity of 6MW (4 x 1.5MW turbines).

The Project will consist of 1 x Atlantis and 3 x Andritz Hydro Hammerfest turbines. The tidal turbines are 3 bladed horizontal axis turbines with an 18m diameter rotor and fully submerged with a minimum of 8m clearance to the sea surface at Lowest Astronomical Tide (LAT). Find out more about the tidal turbine technology.

Each turbine will be positioned on the seabed with a tripod gravity-base turbine support structure and a 4.4kV turbine subsea cable. The cables will connect the turbines to the onshore Power Conversion Centre at the Ness of Quoys, Canisbay [LINK MAP]. The cables will run along the seabed until they reach horizontal directionally drilled bores at roughly the 10m water depth. The cables will then run under the seabed through the bores to the Ness of Quoys site. The Power Conversion Centre will house converters, control equipment, transformers and switchgear to manage the turbines and provide the connection for the export of electricity to the national grid.

Once constructed, Phase 1a will run for 25 years, at which point it is proposed that it will be decommissioned, however the option to re-energising the project will be considered. Following Phase 1a, MeyGen plan to continue to build-out the project’s Inner Sound lease site to it’s full 398MW capacity. More info about the project can me found here.

More details on our suppliers and construction team can be found here.